PETALING JAYA, June 2 — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Asia has accused BTS of endorsing animal cruelty with the new McDonald’s BTS Meal, which includes a 10-piece set of chicken nuggets.

The animal rights organisation shared an Instagram photo on Monday of a woman holding a protest over the meal outside a Malaysian McDonald’s outlet recently.

The individual, who claims to be a fan of BTS, was seen holding up a placard that read, “This fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens!”

Peta Asia also tagged the Dynamite singers’ official Instagram account in the photo.

In its caption, the non-profit corporation urged the K-pop band to not “let their fans down” and step away from their collaboration with McDonald’s.

“The new BTS Meal at McDonald’s includes chicken nuggets that are made from the flesh of tortured birds. 

“Compassionate BTS fans are reminding the group that chickens are not nuggets, but rather living, feeling beings,” wrote Peta Asia.



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The Hong Kong-based group claims that most chickens that end up on our plates have lived “a miserable existence” and “died a violent, painful death.” 

It ended the post with a plea for people to adopt a vegan diet.

The response to Peta Asia’s Instagram post has been mostly negative with BTS fans, known collectively as the Army, rallying together in the comments section to defend their idols.

Some said that it was unfair for Peta Asia to drag BTS’ name through the mud when McDonald’s was already selling chicken products long before the collaboration.

“Stop using BTS’ name. The nuggets were always there in McDonald’s before BTS (collaborated) with them,” said @_taehyung_lifeline.

Others questioned whether the woman in the photo was an actual BTS supporter as most fans are already well-acquainted with the members’ love of Korean barbeque.

“If you are really a fan, you would know BTS loves meat. They eat meat all the time and yes, chickens too.

“Something tells me this person isn’t really a fan,” wrote @kimyoung90cebu.

Peta Asia has been responding to selected comments and remains adamant that BTS is in the wrong for partnering with McDonald’s.

“The BTS Meal nuggets makes people sick, benefits a problematic corporation, and kills innocent chickens, all for a fleeting taste. 

“BTS can do better,” it said in a reply to a BTS fan.