PETALING JAYA, Jan 27 — Actress Elizabeth Hurley had a cool and collected response for critics who bashed her for posing topless in the snow.

Hurley, 55, made headlines in British tabloids after she posted the steamy shots of herself to Twitter and Instagram on Monday.

The Austin Powers star was seen wearing nothing but a fluffy black-and-white coat and a white bikini bottom as she struck glamorous poses outdoors.

“How could I resist?” wrote Hurley in her post, seemingly celebrating the recent snowfall in the United Kingdom.

The photos attracted criticism from TV host Piers Morgan who repeatedly pointed out Hurley’s age and told her to “put (her) clothes on” during a recent episode of Good Morning Britain.

“I call this thirsty and I call it creepy.

“You’re 55. For goodness sake, put your clothes on,” said Morgan.

Morgan also suggested that the sexy snaps were taken by Hurley’s teenage son.

“Who took the pictures? Your 18-year-old, 19-year-old son?” Morgan asked on the show.

His snarky comments did not go unnoticed by Hurley who issued a witty comeback on Twitter, explaining that her 80-year-old mum was the photographer behind the photos.

“Far be it for me to suggest the tabloids get their facts muddled but these pictures were in fact taken by my 80-year-old mother.

“Not entirely sure if that puts minds at rest or not,” wrote Hurley.

The photos continue to be a hit on Twitter where they’ve garnered more than 32,800 likes at the time of writing.

Social media users banded together in the replies to Hurley’s posts to compliment her youthful looks and shining confidence.

Others also praised Hurley’s mum for being open-minded and snapping the sultry photos for her daughter.

“I love you for the pics, (they’re) stunning. But I think I possibly love your mother even more (for her) freedom of thought,” said @carolvorders.

“Thank you for sharing this, Liz. Love from all the ladies who love and support other beautiful women!” wrote @KateHarrison_x.