Malaysian songstress Fish Leong keeps herself busy with tour of at least 60 cities next year

Fish Leong is hitting the road to tour to keep herself busy. ― Picture via Instagram/fishleong616
Fish Leong is hitting the road to tour to keep herself busy. ― Picture via Instagram/fishleong616

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 ― Malaysian Mandopop queen Fish Leong is keeping herself busy following her divorce from wine merchant Tony Chao by signing up for performances in at least 60 cities for her tour next year.

Speaking to Chinese website Sina, Leong said aside from spending time with her son Anderson, she hoped to use work to fill up her life.

She said apart from keeping herself occupied, she hopes to show her son that his mother was still positive despite the divorce.

In the interview, Leong said she decided to open up over her divorce as she wanted to be accountable to her fans and that, “being brave to face a problem is a good thing.”

Leong added that many had asked about her situation when she released her new album The Sun Also Rises.

“They asked how is my life? Am I really happy? To avoid fans from guessing about my situation, I decided to open up and it is a good thing,” she said, adding that she hoped that her experiences will encourage others facing similar situations.

After news of her divorce became public, she said she received many positive messages, even through simple episodes like when she was handed a note with her dessert while dining out, telling her not to give up.

“Everyone showed their concern to me. Thank you! I feel it.”

News had leaked that Leong and Chao signed the divorce papers on August 15 with the decision of shared custody for their five-year-old son Anderson after rumours that the couple’s marriage had been facing problems from early this year due to Chao’s past affair.

Chao had brushed off that report then and said it was common for couples to have arguments but Leong later admitted during an event in September that her marriage to Chao had indeed ended.

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