PETALING JAYA, Aug 26 — Actress Sweet Qismina has rubbished claims of using lip fillers to enhance her appearance.

The 22-year-old whose real name is Farhanna Qismina set the record straight saying she relies on makeup techniques and loves pouting in selfies.

“My face easily changes if I gain weight or lose weight and makeup plays a part too. It’s something I have always been aware of,” she told Malay portal mStar.

“Depending on the angle, my face can look different in photographs. Maybe it’s because of the lipliner or lipstick that made it look like that.


“It’s normal for women, who doesn’t want lips like Izara Aishah or Zahirah Macwilson? My lips are not full, so I have to pout a little when taking photos. Nothing to do with injections.”

Rumours started swirling after a photograph of the Cinta Tiada Ganti star was uploaded on Instagram, courting attention from social media users who observed that the actress’ lips were thicker than usual which led them to believe she had resorted to the invasive procedure.


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Sweet said it was not the first time such allegations were made.

Social media users previously questioned her face shape including her chin.

“The issue of facial fillers isn’t the first time because last year, they wondered if I did the same thing. Talking about my lips and chin.

“It actually depends on a person’s weight and how they apply makeup.

“For the time being, I lost a lot of weight maybe that’s why my face looks sharper. These things will affect your face structure,” she clarified.

Sweet added that she refused to let the claims weigh her down but is instead taking it positively.

“I understand why people like debating about the issue. It isn’t an issue if they want to criticise me for using lip injections.

“I understand they don’t know the effort that goes into producing a beautiful photograph.

“As long as the speculation doesn’t result in something negative, I’ll take it as something normal. I don’t think it was aimed negatively at me,” she said.