Actress Maya Karin making her Hollywood debut with heartthrob Tyler Posey

Maya set tongues wagging after she uploaded a photo of herself and Posey on set. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/maya_karin
Maya set tongues wagging after she uploaded a photo of herself and Posey on set. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/maya_karin

PETALING JAYA, July 15 — Actress Maya Karin has confirmed she will be making her Hollywood big screen debut in a new film starring Tyler Posey and Donald Sutherland.

The 39-year-old’s adventure in Los Angeles began last week, but her updates over the last few days on social media, specifically her Instagram and Twitter, piqued the curiosity of Malaysians who were keen to find out more after she uploaded a photo of herself with Posey.

The film, titled Alone, directed by Johnny Martin, stars actor and musician Tyler Posey, 27, best known for his work in TV, most notably in Teen Wolf and Scream.

Posey is also set for the starring role in a TV version remake of The Lost Boys.

According to Martin’s social media accounts, the film which began shooting in May, also stars award-winning Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, whose illustrious career includes more recent flicks such as The Hunger Games saga.

According to movie website IMDB, the thriller centers around Aidan (Posey) who barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food as his complex is overrun by infected ‘Screamers’.



Get ready Alone is in production

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In an interview with Malay Mail, Maya excitedly revealed that her big break, was literally a last minute offer.

“It happened really quick! I just got my ticket the day before I left for Los Angeles and the script the day after.”

“It’s just one scene, but it’s supposed to be a crucial scene,” Maya said of her role.

“Through my connections and networking, I made friends with director Martin, and a Malaysian counterpart offered, and helped send me to LA to shoot this one scene.

“Basically the main reason I came here was for just one scene in my first Hollywood movie,” laughs Maya.

While the award-winning actress may downplay her potential screen time, her role is nothing to be scoffed at as Maya shared images of her preparation, which included “four pages of science dialogue”



“It’s a fairly important role, I play a scientist who’s done all the research on this virus or infection that drives people nuts.”

She said her experience has been eye-opening, with the treatment given to her despite not being a leading role.

“I was waited upon, cared for and even had a huge dressing room.”

On Instagram, Maya also shared several images of her experience.



The actress was also involved in other shooting activities for a travelogue for tourism in Los Angeles.

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