‘I personally refuse to be punished for being myself’: Controversial model Alicia Amin stands her ground against ‘haters’

Alicia’s image expectedly drew criticism from her ‘haters’. — Pix courtesy of Instagram/hangriii
Alicia’s image expectedly drew criticism from her ‘haters’. — Pix courtesy of Instagram/hangriii

PETALING JAYA, May 30 — Model and actress Alicia Amin is feeling the heat from the online ‘moral police’ once again as the controversial personality posted a picture of herself on Instagram, with just a towel strategically covering the necessary.

The unapologetic and ballsy personality uploaded the image yesterday, taken in the bathroom of the Hilton Kota Kinabalu.

As expected, the comments rolled in calling her act of uploading the photo during the holy month of Ramadan as disrespectful.

Several peers however were quick to rally behind her,  flipping the negativity into a light-hearted situation, beginning from Singaporean comedian, Fakkah Fuzz who commented, “Wear your telekung properly la” sarcastically which was met with laughter from Alicia and the reply, “I’m crying”.

Model Haneesya Hanee who herself was in the spotlight for the wrong reasons earlier this year when she lost her title of Dewi Remaja for images of her clubbing, chimed in with several emojis loving the image.

Musician Richael Gimbang of rock band Estranged, commented, “Ah crap was just going to post something like this. Beat me to it.”

Despite the hate, the 24-year-old of Malay-German parentage who took a short hiatus from social media last year, appeared calm despite it all.

To a question from a fan on Instagram who asked how she dealt with the criticism from “our close minded society”, Alicia replied that, “you can’t let people get to you.

“I have found myself in my weeks moments thinking, ‘maybe if I catered to the mass market, I’d do better.’

“But I personally refuse to be punished for being myself and I will stand up for anyone else that is going through the same thing.”

She added that she could respect if people didn’t accept or liked her.

“I will only speak up if someone tries to silence me or shame me because of things they’re uncomfortable with.”

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