Fans divided in reactions to Hyuna and E’Dawn's relationship

Triple H’s album promotions were cut short. — Pic courtesy of Cube Entertainment
Triple H’s album promotions were cut short. — Pic courtesy of Cube Entertainment

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SEOUL, Aug 11 — After Hyuna revealed she was dating Triple H bandmate and Pentagon member E’Dawn, fans were split in their reactions. While some were happy for the couple (who revealed they had been dating for two years), there was enough of a backlash that Triple H has ended promotions for their latest album.

E'Dawn has also pulled out of future Pentagon activities, not appearing at a recent fanmeeting and will not be joining the group for their KCON Los Angeles appearance this weekend as well as scheduled Japan promotions.

Korean fans had expressed public displeasure, with some even calling for E'Dawn to be removed from Pentagon. International fans of Pentagon have however submitted their own petition, asking that E'Dawn be retained as a show of support.

Unlike for Western artists, Korean fans of idol groups tend to react negatively to news of their fans dating to the point where any dating news reported in Korean media is called a 'scandal'.

It's too soon to say how much damage the revelation has done to E'Dawn's career but shares of their agency Cube Entertainment took a dip after the dating news was revealed.

Hyuna's career is unlikely to be affected as the star is no stranger to controversy, being known for her raunchy stage persona both as a solo artist and as part of Triple H. But E'Dawn's band Pentagon is still finding a foothold in South Korea's ultra-competitive entertainment industry. Will love or fan sentiment prevail? Only time will tell.

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