Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan arrested after testing positive for marijuana

Jaycee Chan (left) and Kai Ko (third from left) have been arrested on drug charges, Beijing police confirmed. Picture from Jaycee Chan’s Weibo account.
Jaycee Chan (left) and Kai Ko (third from left) have been arrested on drug charges, Beijing police confirmed. Picture from Jaycee Chan’s Weibo account.

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SINGAPORE, Aug 19 — Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and Hong Kong singer-actor Jaycee Chan have been arrested in Beijing on drug charges, Beijing police have confirmed.

In a post on microblogging website Weibo, Beijing police acknowledged that they arrested a 32-year-old Hong Kong actor “Mr Chan” and 23-year-old Taiwanese actor “Mr Ko”, among others, for drug use.

According to the post, both men tested positive for marijuana, and also confessed to using the drug.

This confirms rumours that were widely circulated online yesterday (Aug 18), after netizens posted claims on Weibo stating that Ko and Chan, who is the son of Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan, had been arrested in the Chinese capital.

In a lengthy statement to the media, Ko’s manager Angie Chai confirmed that the actor, who is known for his role in You Are The Apple Of My Eye as well as his high-profile relationship with ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao, has been detained for 14 days.

“When his manager told me that Kai Ko could not be found, and when news began circulating that he had been arrested in Beijing, I could not believe my ears,” Chai, who went to Beijing following news of the arrest, said. “The company has emphasised repeatedly that our artistes must not go near drugs. Kai also told me that he had promised his mother that he would never take drugs.”

“Even though we cannot forgive what he has done, we are responsible for his actions. Please allow us to apologise to members of the public. We are left only with regret.”
Chai added that she had no additional information about the arrest, and was still waiting to find out more.

A statement has also been issued on the website of Chan’s company, M’Stones International, confirming his arrest.

“We have confirmed that M’Stones artiste Jaycee Chan has been arrested in Beijing on drug charges. Details are still being confirmed. He has been detained, and our lawyers have not gotten in touch with him. On behalf of Jaycee Chan, M’Stones would like to issue an apology to the public. The company would also like to take responsibility for the trouble this matter has caused. We hope the public will take heed from this incident. We have worked for a long time with Jaycee Chan, and we are willing to trust him, and to work with him to turn over a new leaf. Our company will also continue to follow this case, and will keep the public and media updated on any new information.” — Today

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