CANNES (France), May 21 The Iskandar Malaysia Studios (IMS), a premier destination for filmed entertainment production in Southeast Asia, welcomes foreign production companies to increase film production activities in Malaysia.

Its chief executive officer Rashid Karim said from the capacity point of view, IMS was extremely well equipped to undertake several productions concurrently.

"For example, we have had a situation where we have six clients on the lot at the same time, and it was big production. So yes, we are ready for increased activity and we do have lot capacity currently and hopefully in the near future as we see more demand.

"We have also started preliminary plans to introduce more facilities beyond just the standing sets, but more stages for example and more workshop spaces," he told Malaysian journalists here.

He said IMS studios were spread over 20.23 hectares, including 2.43 hectares designated for building more structures, buildings and sets for clients. So far, about 30 buildings have already been built.

Rashid said Malaysia has an amazing potential to be a shooting destination as the country possesses all the basic ingredients that make it attractive for foreign production companies.

"From the cost point of view we are extremely competitive. From an incentive point of view we are one of the best in the world. From the talent point of view as well I would say we are definitely a growing talent base and have very experienced and dedicated crew.

"From the location point of view as well I think we have amazing locations, especially for productions that require tropical or Asian element. Locations in Malaysia generally are not only suitable but also fresh and unique," he added.

Commenting on IMS's participation in the Marche Du Film 2022 here, Rashid said he was very happy to be back to Cannes after two years of the film market being held online because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said it was very difficult to get engagement from clients when there was no physical market.

"What we will do is to speak and network as many people as possible and really to reintroduce Malaysia to the world. I think what the pandemic has done to some extent was to cut out the Malaysian awareness from the minds of producers, partly because they were not there, no big physical market.

"There were no big productions that came into the country in the last few years because of the pandemic. I think what we need to do is to reintroduce ideas, freshen our image with more producers," he said.

Marche Du Film is the film industry’s largest gathering for producers, financiers, broadcasters, distributors, suppliers and buyers from around the world to meet, share ideas and make deals.

A total of 250 companies from 110 countries are participating in the nine-day film market which started on May 17. Bernama