SINGAPORE, March 20 — Singapore has recalled eggs imported from another farm from Malaysia due to the presence of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE).

The affected eggs can be identified by the stamp “CEM014” on the eggs, said the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) in its Facebook update.

As SE may cause foodborne illness if food is consumed raw or undercooked, SFA said it has directed four importers to recall the product as a precautionary measure.

The importers are An Hong Egg Supplies, Chuan Huat Poultry Farm Pte Ltd, Dasoon Pte Ltd, FE Supply Pte Ltd

“The recall is ongoing,” it said.

The Agency noted that not all eggs imported by these importers are affected as only those with the farm code indicated “CEM014”, are implicated in this recall.

The SFA said the bacteria has been detected in eggs imported from Linggi Agriculture Sdn Bhd.

The farm is suspended and SFA said it will lift the suspension only when the farm has rectified the SE contamination issue.

Singapore had directed four importers to recall eggs from Lay Hong Bhd Layer Farm Jeram in Malaysia, a week ago. — Bernama