Foodpanda to remove company’s waste found dumped in Gombak jungle, launching probe

A picture shared by Facebook user Andy Hickson of the illegal dumpsite in Gombak.
A picture shared by Facebook user Andy Hickson of the illegal dumpsite in Gombak.

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KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 — Food delivery firm Foodpanda will remove its carrier bags found at an illegal dumpsite in Gombak, after a video was shared on social media.

In a statement to Malay Mail, the company also said it will investigate the matter and insisted on its ethical waste management practices.

“In light of the recent discovery of the alleged illegal dumpings of Foodpanda delivery bags in the jungle, we will be launching an investigation into this immediately.

“We are in touch with Mr Andy Hickson, who has been kind enough to agree to show us the exact location, so that we can effectively remove the bags immediately,” the company said.

Foodpanda said it works with suppliers to properly dispose of unusable delivery bags, which are dismantled, sorted and sent to recycling facilities.

“As sustainability is an important initiative to Foodpanda, with the launch of opt-out where customers can choose not to receive single use plastic cutlery with their order, we ensure that this is a matter of the utmost importance for us to understand,” it added.

Facebook user Andy Hickson recorded the illegal waste that included Foodpanda’s delivery bags, while on a hiking trip near Gombak.

“What the? What are you doing? Chucking all this rubbish. Look at that! Foodpanda’s stuff. That’s the main culprit.

“There’s a whole load of Foodpanda’s stuff down there, dumped in the jungle. Why can’t you get rid of your own rubbish? You not making enough money?” Hickson asks.

“Ignorant, disgusting! Get rid of your own trash, man!” an annoyed Hickson says in the video.

This is the latest controversy involving the firm that triggered a delivery rider strike with a new pay structure last month.

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