KUALA PILAH, Jan 13 — With the current cold weather and Kuala Pilah in Negeri Sembilan registering the lowest temperature at 21 degrees Celsius, residents here do admit that this is an extraordinary phenomenon though the weather here had always been comparatively cooler than other areas.

 A housewife Norizan Mahadi, 58, who had been living at Taman Seri Ulu Bendul, Kuala Pilah for the past 17 years said the low temperature in the area was not something strange as her house is located close to the mountains, but the cold weather in the last four days was quite extraordinary.

“Although I am used to the cool air here, it had been colder than usual for the past four days and this is the first time I am experiencing such cold weather that I do not have to switch on the fan.

“By night time the temperature will drop much further and it will be freezing cold,” she told Bernama here today.

She said due to the cold weather she would just have a quick shower unlike she usually did as she could not withstand the cold.

Meanwhile, taxi driver Md Tahir Md Derus, 46, said the foggy condition too had been a normal occurrence around Kuala Pilah  but this time around the fog seemed to stay instead of hanging temporarily.

“This area had always been foggy at certain times but in recent days the fog had remained thus reducing visibility and making it difficult to drive,” he said.

He said the residents feared that the prolonged cold temperatures could affect their health and to prevent catching a cold or fever they have resorted to wearing thick clothing to keep themselves warm.

A check by Bernama at Kuala Pilah found the weather cloudy and from early in the morning it was cold and foggy.

 The Malaysian Meteorological Department had previously confirmed that several areas, especially in the southern peninsula would experience a drop in temperatures with Kuala Pilah in Negeri Sembilan recording the lowest temperature at 21 degrees Celsius from Thursday midnight to early Friday.

Its director-general Alui Bahari however said that the cold weather was a usual phenomenon during the period of the northeast monsoon. — Bernama