Human factor main cause of accidents on East Coast Expressway P2, says LLM

KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 — The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) today stressed that human factors were the major causes of accidents on the East Coast Expressway Phase II (LPT2).

LLM director-general Datuk Ir Ismail Md Salleh said among the factors were being sleepy when driving, speeding especially during rain, carelessness and failure to abide by safety instructions.

“Seventy per cent or 238 out of 339 accident cases occurred on LPT2 between February 1 and June 2 were due to human factors; 19 per cent or 65 cases were due to intrusions of animals; and 11 per cent or 36 cases were due to water crossings and faulty vehicles,” he said in a statement today.

Ismail said of the total accidents, 10 cases resulted in deaths, serious injuries (25 cases), light injuries (58 cases) and the rest did not report any injuries.

He said the LPT2 was generally in good condition, but uneven surface was detected in several areas and repair works would be carried out soon.

Ismail said LLM and the Public Work Department (PWD) had also carried out preventive measures including increasing patrols, repairing damaged fences, installing barbed wire coils, cooperating with all related agencies to distribute leaflets on awareness and putting up sign boards in areas of intrusions by animals.

“LLM and PWD have also identified locations of water crossings and dangerous corners and will improve road surface and take suitable interventive measures with the cooperation of the police, Road Transport Department and the Land Public Transport Commission,” he added. — Bernama