On eBay, McD’s toy up for a ‘Despicable’ RM5,050

Screenshot of the auction of 'Tim Giggling' on eBay Malaysia
Screenshot of the auction of 'Tim Giggling' on eBay Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 ― Frenzied demand for the “Despicable Me 2” line of toys from McDonald’s saw one such item listed on auction site eBay Malaysia yesterday for a jaw-dropping RM5,050.

The “Tim Giggling” Minion figurine was one of the first three released by the fast food chain as part of its “Despicable Me 2” campaign that began July 4 but which sold out quickly, leading to complaints from frustrated buyers.

“Due to overwhelming response, we have been receiving numerous feedback from our Happy Meal customers that they are unable to attain the toy for their children,” McDonald’s Malaysia wrote on its Facebook page last Wednesday.

“As this promotion was designed to be part of the Happy Meal programme, please be informed that each ‘Despicable Me 2’ toy will be available only with the purchase of a Happy Meal and while stocks last,” it added.

But the current bid for the Tim Giggling toy earlier listed by seller danielpys for RM5,050 on eBay has since mysteriously dropped to RM101 at press time. There are 43 bids currently.

Another listing with three of the Minions offered by McDonald’s, albeit used, is currently asking RM1,010.

The popular toys are based on Gru’s Minions, which are little yellow munchkins that sing in the “Despicable Me” sequel, which some reviewers say have stolen the show.

The Minion craze is reminiscent of the “Hello Kitty” frenzy in Singapore in 2000 that left several people injured in scuffles to secure the limited edition feline toys at McDonald’s.

The “Hello Kitty” phenomenon was repeated again in the island state last June, with news wire AFP reporting of chaos breaking out at some outlets after supplies of the fictional cat in a skeleton outfit ran out.