PETALING JAYA, June 21 ― A TikTok user was initially concerned when he came across an older man lying alone on the ground during a downpour near Ang Mo Kio, Singapore Upon inquiring however, user elijahmikaelson_og learnt that the man simply wanted to “feel the rain”.

Uploading a clip of the scene onto TikTok on Sunday, set to a weepy Ed Sheeran song, elijahmikaelson_og simply added: “It’s Singapore”.

@elijahmikaelson_og #heartbroken Photograph - Ed Sheeran

The video has since gained over 200,000 views.

Social media users speculated as to why the man chose such a dramatic way to experience the rain.

“Someone hurt uncle’s feelings,” said one user, while another offered a counterpoint view by saying, “Uncle is living life to its fullest.” For the most part, many expressed their desire to have their own moment of enjoyment in a downpour.

One user pointed out the downside to doing so in our social media age, saying: “I've always wanted to do this but I didn't because I scared ppl (people will) think I'm crazy and will take video haiya.”