PETALING JAYA, Feb 28 — Popular beauty entrepreneur Datuk Seri Vida is in the limelight again, this time for a new personal assistant (PA) whom she just hired.

The QuPuteh cosmetics empire founder gave the top job to Syed Qusyairy Syed Mahmud who will be paid RM10,000 a month.

The 26-year-old who hails from Selangor has reportedly started his new duties.

Qusyairy, better known as Qush or Abang Qu, was hired by the flamboyant businesswoman after a dispute with her former PA Iqbal Zulkefli.

Vida and Iqbal, who have a 22-year age gap, had plans to get married in December after making their romance official last August.

But the pair called it quits and cancelled their wedding plans in October.



“The salary is of course more than RM10,000,” Vida said in an Astro Awani report.

“I needed a PA since three to four months ago, if I were to hire an older person, they might be sleepy and I need positive energy.”

The 50-year-old whose real name is Hasmiza Othman, previously said she received a flood of applications to become her PA after announcing the vacancy in December.

“My new PA (Abang Qu). For those who just started following me, I’ve been searching for a PA to help me for a long time. So many sent in their resume, and all of them have been great.

“My new PA is a little shy. I’m the kind who is always happy. I don’t know how things are going to be, please pray,” she wrote on Instagram.

Vida said he hopes Qusyairy will do his job well and will be treated well by the QuPuteh team.

She also wished him the very best and that he will contribute to the company’s growth.

Her new PA who took to social media to announce the good news said he hopes his new career path will go well.

“So many wrote to me asking if it’s true and if it was me. I smiled and nodded a little as a sign to confirm the news,” he said.

“I don’t ask for much, just for my new journey to be blessed and eased by all.”