Suffolk woman yanks out her teeth after losing hope in National Health Service for a dental appointment

The desperate woman had to resort a DIY dental method to extract 11 of her teeth.  ― Pexels pic
The desperate woman had to resort a DIY dental method to extract 11 of her teeth. ― Pexels pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 ― A woman in England who was desperate for dental care, ended up yanking out 11 of her teeth after losing faith in the government service to get a dentist appointment.

According to the Daily Mail, Danielle Watts, 42, from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk had been suffering from severe gum disease for about six years.

The mother of two said that she had to take painkillers on a daily basis because the government neglected to schedule her for a dental consultation through the National Health Service (NHS).

Despite her urgent calls to dentists over the years, she said none were able to accept new NHS patients and she had to be her own dentist to pluck out her teeth since she couldn't afford private treatment.

Watts, who is also pursuing a career as a teacher assistant, claimed that her teeth were dying off one by one and she was in chronic pain due to the delay in receiving proper dental treatment.

“I have had really bad gum disease over the last couple of years and my teeth have started dying off one by one.

“I have had to use needles and a large toothpick to lance abscesses and infections in my gums, and then rinse my mouth out with salt water.

“It has got to the point where I squeeze them and they just pop out. I have lost 11 so far and I think I am going to lose them all at this rate.”

She explained that she rarely had dental problems with her annual check-ups with her children until she was unable to locate another NHS dentist after the prior practise closed in 2015.

Watts also said that she had to do it on her own as there was no one to assist her with her condition which affected her confidence significantly.

“Some would not even answer the phone or respond to messages while some would ask me to ring back in four months, but then when I did that, it was the same story and they still didn't have any places.

“Then when Covid happened, I had to give up completely because there wasn't a chance of getting anything

''I hate smiling at people in public. I am just a normal mum with normal children, but I worry what people are thinking about me,” she explained

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