Kind Foodpanda rider turns ‘roti canai’ maker to help vendor cope with orders

Hamizan showing off his 'roti canai' making skills while helping. — TikTok/Dtgilham pic
Hamizan showing off his 'roti canai' making skills while helping. — TikTok/Dtgilham pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 — The demand for online food delivery has risen with the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the government has allowed fully vaccinated individuals to dine-in, many are still hesitant to do so with the high daily numbers of community cases..

Stalls and restaurants continue to be swamped by ood orders, which leaves owners of eateries struggling to cope sometimes.

Penang Foodpanda rider Khairul Hamizan Mustafa ended up helping a stall operator to make ‘roti canai’ for customers while awaiting his order, to help speed up the process.

The rider’s video, which was recorded by a colleague, went viral on social media and won millions of hearts many, while racking up 1.1 million views and 139.9K likes on TikTok.

Many TikTok users appreciated Hamizan’s kindness to aid the old man seen working hard on the orders.

“Foodpanda is versatile. Sometimes they even help us to catch the thieves,” said one user.

“Foodpanda Malaysia is great. It could be the police, chef, and anything you want,” said another.

According to the 24-year-old rider who arrived at the shop located at Kubang Terong, Tasik Gelugor, Penang at 10.30am, there were 4 riders waiting for their orders to be delivered and he was the fifth rider with 15 ‘roti canai’ orders, reported Mstar.

The elderly owner apparently had joined Foodpanda and struggled to cope with the volume of orders.

Realizing that, Hamizan rolled up his sleeves and set to work preparing ‘roti canai’ while waiting for his order to be dispatched to the customer

The young man, a native of Pokok Machang village, has been making ‘roti canai’ since he was 12, with his parents also running a roti canai business in Pokok Sena, Kepala Batas, until today.

Hamizan said that he used to help his parents during his school breaks and weekends till he finished school.

“My parents also sell roti canai; they maintain a stand in Pokok Sena Kepala Batas and are still in business. My mum taught me how to do roti canai while I was in Standard Six.

“I used to help my parents with their business during my school holidays, especially on weekends.”

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