KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 — A 31-year-old woman in Michigan has been hospitalised with second-degree burns after she attempted to exterminate bedbugs in her car by using rubbing alcohol.

USA Today reported that the woman had a panic attack due to the insects inside her vehicle and decided to kill it by pouring rubbing alcohol and lighting a fire.

However, she accidentally lit herself in the process causing her to be hospitalised.

According to the portal, this was not the first time such an incident was reported.

In 2016, a Detroit man accidentally set his apartment on fire after dousing himself and his couch in alcohol in an attempt to kill bedbugs.

The fire destroyed four units and led to water damage in two dozen others by the time it was extinguished.

Another woman in Detroit set fire to her apartment in 2015 after her oven and stove ignited fumes from the rubbing alcohol she sprayed on herself and poured on her floors to try and kill the bugs.

While bedbugs don’t carry diseases, their bites can cause itchy skin reactions.

Experts have advised vacuuming, washing surfaces and furniture with soap and water, steam cleaning and treatment with insecticides to remove bed bugs.

Alternatively, individuals can hire a pest management professional.