TAIPING, March 29 — In conjunction with the first birthday of Taiping Zoo and Night Safari’s tiger cubs, the zoo is offering a special visit package for visitors.

In a statement, the zoo said the visits will be on April 10 and 11 from 9am to noon, open to only 30 persons daily and priced at RM30 for adults and RM20 for children.

The cubs, Puntum, Teja and Bayu, were born on April 12 last year.

The birth of the cubs was announced by the zoo on May 1 after the delivery by their 11-year-old mother named Baby.

The trio weighs between 700 grammes and 900 grammes when delivered.

The cubs mark the fourth birth of Malayan tigers at the zoo since 2009, with the zoo now housing a total of eight tigers in total including the three cubs.

The deadline to register for the special package is on April 7. Contact Shamu at 016-5460244 via Whatsapp to book.

For further details about the package, contact Azy at 019-4017001 or Aini at 013-3562618.