PETALING JAYA, March 3 ― A homeless Philippines couple who could not afford their own wedding photoshoot were given a surprise photoshoot ― 24 years later.

The couple were given a complete wedding photoshoot and will be having a simple wedding ceremony later this year, gifted by an owner of a hair salon, Richard Strandz.

Daily Mail Online reported that Strandz met the couple ― Rosalyn Ferrer, 50, and Rommel Basco, 55, while they were collecting plastic bottles to be sold as scraps with their six children.

Ferrer, Basco and their children live in a small shack on an empty patch of wasteland.

He was touched by the couple’s love story and contacted his friends running a wedding supplies business to help with the wedding for them later this year.

For their photoshoot on February 13, Ferrer donned a white wedding gown while Basco wore a Barong Tagalog suit.

Pictures on them with their wedding attire were also amid a backdrop of their simple shack.

Ferrer said that she had dreamed of having a white wedding when she was a little girl but that idea had long dissipated.

“We never had enough money and all we concentrated on was getting enough food to eat each day.

“Now I feel so blessed that it has happened. I'm so thankful,” she said.

The wedding expenditure will be covered by Strandz and his friends once they have processed the couple’s marriage papers.