UK man who spent RM612k to look like BTS’ Jimin talks about low self-esteem on ‘Dr Phil’ (VIDEO)

London in 2012 (left) and his current look in 2019, following 15 facial surgeries. — Picture from Instagram/londonoli
London in 2012 (left) and his current look in 2019, following 15 facial surgeries. — Picture from Instagram/londonoli

PETALING JAYA, Jan 10 — Wannabe K-Pop star Oli London isn’t just any regular fan of the boy group BTS.

He’s spent a jaw-dropping US$150,000 (RM612,465) on plastic surgery just to look like the band’s main dancer Jimin.

London, 29, appeared in a recent episode of US talk show Dr Phil where he revealed that he’s undergone 15 facial surgeries in the past six years.

He’s forked out US$20,000 (RM81,660) on his lips alone and gets fillers injected into them every three weeks in an attempt to mimic Jimin’s “luscious and kissable” mouth.



His nose has undergone procedures five times and his jawbone has been shaved down with titanium screws and brackets placed inside to keep his chin in place.

“I’ve had so many procedures, like my whole face is numb, but I love it. 

“It’s such a great feeling. My chin I can’t even feel, I just feel the metal inside my face.

“My cheeks have no feeling at all so when I smile, it actually feels uncomfortable,” he said in the episode.

London’s ultimate goal is to replicate Jimin’s look from head-to-toe and he even sports a similar bleached blonde hairdo and K-pop-inspired clothing.

When quizzed by TV host Dr Phil on his drastic decisions, London explained that he was always unhappy with his appearance ever since he was a teen.

“I used to get teased and bullied at school. Whenever I was dating someone, they would cheat on me or reject me and I always thought that was because of the way I looked.

“I moved to Korea in 2013 and I fell in love with K-Pop and BTS, but it was Jimin in particular that became my absolute obsession.

“I was always insecure so I thought, ‘let me change myself’, and although it’s given me so much happiness, I’ve put myself through a lot of risks and I do admit that.”

London added that negative emotions always overwhelm him whenever he looks in the mirror and it doesn’t help that he’s often the target of malicious comments on social media.

Dr Phil advised London to make peace with himself and reminded him that high-profile celebrities often put out a “manufactured” version of their image.

“You have to know that the somebody else you’re wanting to be is not really who that person appears to be. That’s a manufactured, marketed image.

“You can do all this other stuff, but in the final analysis, everywhere you go, Oliver (London) goes with you. 

“You ought to make peace with him, and learn to love that part of who you are,” he said.

Some BTS fans were angered by Dr Phil labelling Jimin as “manufactured”, but Amber Liu from South Korean girl group f(x) admitted on CBS This Morning that there is immense pressure to undergo plastic surgery as a K-pop idol because “everybody’s doing it”.

She also revealed that she had to brighten her skin which was perceived as “too dark” and that she developed eating disorders as a result of extreme dieting.

However, she noted that the standards for physical beauty were less strict for male idols in comparison to those imposed on female idols.

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