Malaysian woman writes of husband’s love, support in struggle with depression and anxiety

Zuraila says her husband has faithfully stood by her since they tied the knot in 2014. — Picture from Facebook/zuraila.mohdnoor.1
Zuraila says her husband has faithfully stood by her since they tied the knot in 2014. — Picture from Facebook/zuraila.mohdnoor.1

PETALING JAYA, Dec 23 — A Malaysian woman recently revealed a painfully raw account of her fight with mental illnesses and how her husband's undying love and support keeps her afloat.

Zuraila Mohd Noor wrote on Facebook about how her spouse Azizan Ahmad Mustaffa has helped her navigate depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) since day one of their marriage.

They were both initially unaware that she was battling mental illnesses when they first met at university.

Their journey came with its fair share of dark moments, including physical fights and mental breakdowns that could last up to a week at times.

“Three days after we got married, I started having breakdowns over small matters. I even started to regret tying the knot.

“I have OCD so I’m a clean freak, and whenever my husband couldn’t follow my rules I would get angry, sulk, or have a breakdown.

“For example, this might happen if clothes weren’t put into the washing basket correctly,” said the mother-of-one.

After years of struggling with her mental health, Zuraila finally asked Azizan to bring her to a psychiatrist so she could seek treatment and save their relationship.

The tipping point came when Zuraila’s doctor asked her if she had ever lashed out physically at her husband.

“I have, many times. I’ve slapped him, kicked him, bit him, punched him, and even thrown objects at him.

“But he’s never laid a finger on me.”

She went on to thank Azizan for being a light in her darkest moments and revealed how he always went the extra mile to keep their family afloat.

“He discussed with my doctor about his role and how he could help me. He also reads up on my disorder to learn more about it.

“My husband looks after me like he’s looking after his own life. He told me that this is a trial that we will both go through and I don’t have to experience it alone.”

Zuraila hopes that her story can spark open discussions about mental health and possibly save lives, adding that she sees depression as a “silent killer.”

She ended her post with advice for those experiencing difficulties with their mental health and how they should seek help.

“I want to spread awareness about depression and hopefully help and provide some knowledge for others.

“Please pray that I and other survivors of depression will have the strength to keep fighting and recover.”

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