Morris Commercial unveils the vibrant and charming all-electric Morris JE van (VIDEO)

Morris Commercial revives the J-type commercial van. — Picture courtesy of Morris Commercial via AFP
Morris Commercial revives the J-type commercial van. — Picture courtesy of Morris Commercial via AFP

LONDON, Nov 15 — Seventy years after the original J-type van launched in the 1950s, Morris Commercial has brought the iconic model back; on Wednesday, the company took the wraps off the Morris JE after first teasing it back in October.

This week Morris Commercial officially announced the return of the J-type van from the ‘50s after recently having resurrected the Morris name — and this time around, it’s electric.

The British company first began teasing the model in October, and on Wednesday, the company unveiled its vibrant paint job and updated powertrain.

The silhouette and overall design stay true to the original model including the “pear-shaped” grille (which houses the vehicle’s charging port), curved roof, and rounded body which have been intended to inspire “feelings of joy and nostalgia”.



The interior has a retro flair to match the outside including body-coloured components and an old-school-styled steering wheel. Seats covered in leather give the model a luxe feeling.

With its carbon fibre body and modular chassis, the Morris JE is a lightweight alternative to conventional gas-powered commercial vehicles. Its integrated connected technology, too, sets the model apart from the competition. A high-resolution infotainment system offers users navigation tools and a parking camera feed among other functions. The range on a single charge measures in at about 200 miles.

The van offers 5.5 metres cubed of load space and can transport up to a 1,000kg payload — specs that turn the model into what the company calls, “a ‘big’ little van”.

Morris Commercial has plans to update the JE with autonomous driving technologies in the future but did not offer a timeline.

The model is expected to go on sale 2021 for over US$75,000 (RM311,287). Interested clients can customise and pre-order one today. — AFP-Relaxnews

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