This is a Razer car, complete with Chroma RGB lighting (VIDEO)

Only 88 units of the Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer car will be available. — SoyaCincau
Only 88 units of the Razer Nio ES6 Night Explorer car will be available. — SoyaCincau

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 14 — Well, sort of. Razer, famous for its PC peripherals and gaming equipment, has announced a collaboration with EV car manufacturers, Nio, to launch a limited edition ES6 Night Explorer. Of course, the car will be decked out in Chroma RGB lighting, and there will only be 88 units made in total — and they’ll only be available in the Chinese market.

But Razer says that this release won’t be the only vehicle where you can expect to see their signature branding on. More Razer-themed smart car models will be coming in the future, which tallies with the earlier release of a Razer-themed Proton Iriz in Malaysia (although the ES6 edition looks a lot cooler).

Razer Chroma lighting for smart cars will enable customisable lighting effects for the passenger compartment, audio visualisation features, synchronisation, and game integrations by tapping into the ambient RGB lighting controls of NIO smart electric vehicles for a truly immersive experience. — Razer

Besides customisable RGB lights, the Razer aspect of the ES6 Night Explorer will also include AV features, as well as “game integrations” — perhaps there will be a widescreen monitor embedded into the centre console of the car for gamers to hook their consoles to.

Regardless, the car certainly looks good if you’re a fan of Razer’s signature look. Under the hood, the ES6 Night Explorer has 544hp, NIO Pilor, NOMI Mate, along with enhanced displays and other “integrated technology”. The exterior is marked by a green Razer logo (obviously) and some pretty cool looking green highlights.

While this isn’t available in Malaysia, it is still nice to see Razer expanding beyond the traditional world of gaming peripherals. After all, if they can make great keyboards, what’s stopping them from other, more complex gadgets? — SoyaCincau

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