Address flooding issues instead of fighting one another, Pakatan — Thomas Lau

OCTOBER 25 — As we all know, Kuala Lumpur and several surrounding areas, including those in Petaling Jaya, were recently hit by bad floods following the heavy downpour.

A number of homes, cars and other items were destroyed during these floods and many Malaysians faced huge losses.

Sadly, I was among those whose car was inundated in floods. My insurance does not protect me against natural disasters and today, I am straddled with an RM15,000 repair bill for my car.

I had worked hard and long to save up money to buy my car which is only a year old and still under finance.

I had parked my car near my office along Jalan Duta last week and never expected that the area would be so badly flooded.

When I realised what was happening, there was nothing I could do but helplessly watch with many others as our cars went under.

So, I just wonder, who do I blame for this.

Yes, certainly rain is an Act of God and we all need rain to survive. But are the floods an Act of God or the result of corruption, unprofessional work and a poor administration? It was also greatly distressing to read about a woman who was killed by a falling tree near Universiti Malaya during the storm.

Since the monsoon season started, it has been flooding non-stop and almost everyone has been returning home at odd hours after work.

Drains are unable to cope with the volume of water while all kinds of debris, including construction waste is washed along into the drains.

So, why wasn’t there any check on this and what has our works minister been doing since coming into office?

Honestly, I don’t see any change from what was happening under the previous administration as far as roads and flooding are concerned.

Is the minister responsible going to resign over the huge losses the rakyat have incurred?

Why do we get this bad feeling that corruption is still rife with regards to certain construction and road work projects and due to this, non-credible contractors are carrying out unprofessional work.

I recently read that a certain project under MARRIS was given to a particular contractor in Perak even without a proper tender process.

Why is all this still happening under the PH administration? If there are bad apples in the administration, then get them out.

It is time for Malaysia to progress and for the rakyat not to be burdened thinking that their homes and cars are going to go underground each time it rains.

Rather than wasting time on petty issues and poking our noses into the affairs of other nations, the government should focus on improving the lives of Malaysians.

Perhaps one good way to help curb the flooding problem is by maybe adopting the use of high technology like satellite-based flood monitoring which is being used in other developed nations.

I am no expert, but I have read that satellite-based tools can provide indicators how excess rainfall will impact the flow of rivers and also if there is potential for flooding.

As a citizen who voted for PH, I must admit I have been greatly let down – from the top to the bottom.

Try focusing your efforts on the rakyat and not fighting against each other and for power and glory.

You are certainly not gaining any glory and fame among the voters here who will again decide your fate in less than three years.

*This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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