The heart shall not stop ― Rais Hussin

JUNE 15 ― For the longest time, I have been a big fan of Liverpool.  For the longest time, Liverpool repaid my faith in it by winning trophy after trophy, the most recent one being the European Champion League.

But there is a part of Liverpool that has sputtered to a stop: since 1989/90, it hasn't won the Premier League Championship. It has not been overshadowed by Everton, it's perennial Merseyside Lesser Rival, but the likes of Manchester United and now Manchester City.

Growing on Big League Soccer, with a huge collection of Shoot! and Match magazines, I grew up liking football, as much as I love the likes of Soh Chin Aun, R. Arumugum, Mokthar Dahari, Shukor Saleh, Santokh Singh, James Wong and Hassan Sani; not forgetting Zainal Abidin Hassan and his brother Khalid Salleh.

But lately, doctors have found a problem to my constant breathless-ness: arterial blockages, which has now necessitated an open heart quadruple bypass surgery.

As I am prepared both for the surgery, and the possibility of meeting my Maker, I am encouraged by the song sung by legions of Liverpool fans: You Never Walk Alone.

Malaysia is new. At least in terms of how Pakatan Harapan has wrested power from the hands of the kleptocracy of Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Regardless of what will happen in the operating theatre or after, the Malaysia that I truly love, way more than Liverpool, to be frank, this country shall not be abandoned ever.

Teams of researchers at Emir Research would be at the fore, to ensure a regular flurry of analysis.

Malaysia, after all, is as good as the amalgamation of three ideas: Justice, Transparency and Accountability. To the degree we have all three, in constant motion and flow, Malaysia will remain the Tiger of Asia as it will always be.

Be that as it may, there is no full stop to excellence. Malcom Gladner, in “Tipping Point,” affirmed that practice does make perfect. When a cobbler or shoemaker has been at it for more than 10,000 times, epiphany is bound to make him better and stronger. This is what Japanese refer to as “kaizen”, the art of constant innovation, every living moment.

Like it or not, I have been writing non-stop since 2015, fighting a battle to save Malaysia. Even got arrested, interrogated and released on police bail under previous regime simply for social media writings and engagements on fighting then kleptomaniacs. However, with a quadruple bypass open heart surgery to go through early next week, I feel the mind must also be stronger than the body. Without that inner courage to go through it, I won't be strong enough to come back stronger too!

To be sure, I have done my part for Malaysia and hope to do more. Now I need and hope for all Malaysian prayers that I will go through it successfully and does come back sturdier and firmer to continuously push for reforms, God Willing. Consequently, for a  better Malaysia without any distinction to race, creed and color. This may be a sign off, hopefully a temporaneous one. If not, I am more than convinced this nation will continue to rebuild itself, to regain what was lost. I enjoyed every minute of the time that I worked in saving Malaysia even the hardest minutes there was. I have made peace with many if not all. Never give up on this great nation of ours and treasure the diversity therein. Thank you Malaysia.

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