YB Karpal Singh — Dominic Damian

KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Both the Vice President of Perkasa  Zulkilfi Noordin and Umno MP Dato Dr.Nawawi Ahmad have to be condemned and castigated for their remarks on their statements regarding the demise YB Karpal Singh.

These individuals do not fall into the category of imbeciles, stupid or demented, idiots. If they were categorised as such we would be legitimising, qualifying and excusing their appalling conduct. 

I am quite certain of another fact in some other country these gentlemen would not be nominated by baboons for the position of cleaning its excrement from the enclosures they are held in a Zoo.  I am amazed and appalled that we have such derange, salivating, delusional individuals masquerading as leaders.

The inescapable and conclusive facts reveal that neither gentleman should be termed or recognised as Muslims, representative of their respective parties, Malays or at the very least be considered Malaysians.

They have displayed arrogant conduct and think their comments and actions will receive support from their respective parties. I would propose to the parties and the leadership to immediately expel them.  Whatever cause Perkasa and Umno represents and espouses, one should know how when to differentiate as to what constitutes such unedifying conduct which is beyond expression to encapsulate the rabid, venomous conduct of these individuals.  If either party keeps them it means that their respective parties and leadership support such Neanderthals. 

The Dato should have his honorific title stripped or revoked as his reprehensible actions taints the honour of the one who has bestowed on him an entitlement of dignified trust on the title he holds. It is rather unfortunate that one cannot remove from both ignoramuses their birthright as Malay or Muslims, both of which contain character and traits of the highest order. They have inadvertently defamed and desecrated their race and religion. 

Across the bridge of race and religion I believe that we the ‘silent majority’ should convey our utter contempt and disgust by verbal expressions of jeers, singing National Anthem in their face which is the best response, or giving them a clear non-verbal silent treatment.  Treat them as persons non gratia.  As for Malaysian citizenships it is a clear constitutional right where it cannot be revoked- how I wish this were not the case for such vermin.

The arrogance to debase sad occasions exist as we have allowed in the name of peace and goodwill that arrogant individuals such as Zulkifi Noordin and Dato Dr. Nawawi Ahmad tender opinions and views with impunity on the premise of immunity.  The contamination or morally regressive conduct is an occurrence that is common enough as we have persons who are either in the religious or governing authority being squalid and spineless in dealing with such situations in an even handed manner.

I appeal to Malaysian’s as a parent of children from various diverse ethnic backgrounds to unite in times of grief , national issues or tragedies and be as kin and kith to each other through our appreciable differences and give any person in whatever position a telling off, we don’t need such individuals in our society.

If this happened to any Malaysian YB Karpal Singh if he were alive would have ferociously instantly without hesitation, be it Govt or opposition torn such uncouth behaviour to pieces.  He possessed that special quality of altruistic impulse to just do what is good and right at a price many of us could ill afford. He is not around to express or articulate his views. It is my simple honour and privilege, unworthy as I am to carry the torch and be an heir and inheritor of this great man’s conscience.

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