No more bad buzz ― you can finally archive your old tweets!

Twitter has made a slew of announcements of new features designed to improve the user experience on its platform. ― AFP pic
Twitter has made a slew of announcements of new features designed to improve the user experience on its platform. ― AFP pic

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 4 ― Many celebrities, as well as some not so famous people, have had their careers derailed by past controversial tweets. In the face of bad buzz that continues to haunt some users, Twitter has finally decided to address this issue. The social network is working on a new feature that would enable old tweets to be archived and even hide tweets you liked.

People change and so does the way they tweet. Searching for old tweets of celebrities has become commonplace on social networks. So much so that many stars such as Chrissy Teigen and Kevin Hart have paid the price. Accused of having posted many insulting tweets, the model and wife of John Legend preferred decline doing the voiceover of the character of Paxton in the second season of the series “Never Have I Ever,” ultimately replaced by another model, Gigi Hadid. As for Kevin Hart, the American actor lost his position as host of the Oscars after the exhumation of old homophobic tweets. Digging into the past on Twitter has been a big factor in ― and still contributes to ― “Cancel Culture.”

Situations that could soon be avoided. According to information revealed by Bloomberg, Twitter is working on a feature that would allow for archiving of old tweets. To do this, users will have to choose a period of time after which tweets will be archived ― 30, 60 pt 90 days or one year. The old tweets will no longer be visible to other users, but the account owner will still be able to view them.

When your ‘likes’ embarrass you

In addition to creating and responding to tweets, users are also interested in the tweets “liked” by the people they follow. While some use the “Like” button as a validation of what was said in the post, others use it as a kind of playlist, to be consulted later. That said, many users may be criticized for “liking” a particular tweet. To address this issue, and to allow users to continue interacting on the platform, Twitter may soon allow you to hide the tweets that you like being visible to others. Such protection could come in handy for users to avoid being subjected to an online hate raid.

The social network has already announced several features developed to improve user protection on the platform. To avoid disputes, Twitter is also working on the possibility of removing a follower without that person being alerted.

While a user can currently choose the people allowed to respond to their tweet, it may soon be possible to remove oneself from the conversation by deleting any mention of one's username.

No launch date has been mentioned at this stage. ― ETX Studio

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