Twitch releases karaoke game 'Twitch Sings'

‘Twitch Sings’ lets Twitch streamers sing solo or in a duet for online audiences. ― AFP pic
‘Twitch Sings’ lets Twitch streamers sing solo or in a duet for online audiences. ― AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, April 16 ― Developed by the studio behind Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, livestreamed karaoke game Twitch Sings lets Twitch channel hosts sing solo or as part of a co-ordinated duet.

Twitch Sings, a free karaoke game designed for Amazon's streaming platform Twitch, lets singers appear as themselves, using their setup's camera feed, or as an animated avatar, and sing to an audience that can cheer them on or tip them in response.

Viewers can make song requests and set challenges, and they can trigger virtual lighting, stage and crowd effects through the use of emotes, the virtual Twitch currency called Bits, and channel subscriptions and monetary donations.

While solo performances are live, duets are made with a bit more behind-the-scenes planning. One Twitch streamer records their part and then sends it to the other streamer, who records their part.

The Twitch Sings app, a program for Windows PCs, then blends the two together.

Twitch Sings had been in a beta testing phase since shortly after its announcement at TwitchCon in October 2018. It launched at TwitchCon Europe over the weekend.

The karaoke game comes after Chinese smartphone app TikTok spent 2018 attracting a worldwide community of users who would upload short music-oriented videos that could be shared among friends and fans both on TikTok and elsewhere.

Following March's virtual reality beat shooter Audica and April's Twitch Sings, Harmonix is to release a VR edition of choreography game Dance Central across the Oculus line of headsets in the near future, with Oculus to feature during the April 30 and May 1 F8 Connect conference run by parent company Facebook. ― AFP-Relaxnews