PFAM are legal, says Izham

PETALING JAYA, Feb 12 — The last thing Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) want is to get on the wrong side of FA of Malaysia (FAM) and this is why they have been engaging the national body since 2014.

FAM general-secretary, Datuk Hamidin Amin was quoted in yesterday’s Mailsport as saying PFAM were not sanctioned to represent players in the wake of the latter’s revelation of 21 players from three teams who are owed wages from last season.

PFAM chief executive office Izham Ismail said they registered with the Sports Commissioner’s Office on Aug 4, 2014 and have been a member of the International Federation of Professional Footballers’ Associations (FIFPro) since Oct 22, 2013.

FIFPro have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fifa as of Nov 2, 2006 signed in Barcelona by then Fifa president Joseph Baltter and FIFPro president Philippe Piat.

“We’ve followed procedures to be a legal and recognised body,” said Izham.

“We’re just waiting to sign the MoU with FAM. We met them since 2014 and had meetings last year and one last month and our draft MoU had been altered several times,” said Izham.

“It is misleading to question the existence of our body.

“We want to remain an independent body unlike the previous PFAM setup who were affiliates of FAM — we do not want to be silenced by FAM’s rules by being part of them.

“We hope the MoU can be signed soon.”

Izham said as representatives of the players it was important they remain independent — like professional players’ associations all over the world.

“We are like a trade union for footballers. Do you hear of any workers’ union being affiliated to any organisation or body?” 

asked Izham.

The sooner this episode between PFAM and FAM is resolved the better it is for the players and for the game in Malaysia.