KUALA LUMPUR, June 22 Hong Kong celebrity Louis Koo insists on continuing to work despite having a high net worth as he needs to pay some HK$4 million (RM2.24 million) in salaries every month.

Fellow celebrity Shawn Yue made the revelation on Inside Out where Yue invited actor Daniel as guest, hk01.com reported.

Yue said Koo revealed the need for him to continue working after he (Yue) asked why didn't Koo stopped working despite drawing a high income.

"He said if he stopped working, his workers will be jobless.

"He fee;s it is his responsibility to continue working as he treats them like his family."

Yue said Koo felt that making films will ensure others will have jobs, adding that Koo spends at least half a billion annually just on salaries.

Koo is well known for his philanthropy.

With his Louis Koo Charity Fund, he helped to build 18 clinics, one water conservancy project and 135 schools in China.

He previously distributed 1.3 million face masks to the needy and 20,000 face masks towards entertainment industry’s veterans.

He also helped to set up a relief fund to assist artists who have been without jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.