KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — Retired Hong Kong actor Frankie Ng is in the news again, only this time about his soon to be opened restaurant at Shenzhen, China.

Social media users were quick to take jibes at a job vacancy advertisement posted by Ng’s restaurant for pay offered that was deemed too low by Shenzhen’s standard.

The restaurant retorted that the commenters should be the boss instead, hk01.com reported.

The successful candidate is required to work nine hours a day with rest four days a month.

Employment includes meals and accommodation with salary ranging between 4,000 Yuan and 6,500 Yuan (RM2,622 and RM4,261)

Some social media users defended the restaurant for the salary.

They said besides salary, workers will also be given bonus, subsidy and performance commission hence the salary should be higher.

Ng, a former mobster, started his acting career in Prison On Fire, staring Chow Yuen Fatt.

Ng’s most iconic role however was in Young and Dangerous, leaving an impression on the audience.