Singer Ismal Izzani forced himself to eat a chicken every day for seven months to attain muscular physique

The 21-year-old said bulking up helped him become more confident. ― Pictures from Instagram/Ismail Izzani
The 21-year-old said bulking up helped him become more confident. ― Pictures from Instagram/Ismail Izzani

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PETALING JAYA, April 28 ― Singer Ismail Izzani has finally achieved his dream physique after following a strict diet and exercise routine for seven months.

The 21-year-old admitted it wasn’t easy getting buff so he relied on his fitness coach’s advice and consistently worked out at the gym.

“I started going to the gym in 2017 but it was on and off due to my packed schedule but lately I’ve asked my manager to free up my time for several months so I can exercise at the gym,” he told mStar.

Ismail went to the gym five times a week for seven months and his fitness instructor also told him to consume a whole chicken for lunch everyday.

The singer said his meals and gym routine were monitored by his personal trainer.

“The gym exercises weren’t difficult, what’s tough is eating so much.

“The first time I had to eat that much, I vomited because I couldn’t stomach it but after a week, I got used to it,” he said.

The son of singer Datin Suliza Salam spoke to mStar at the launch of Irama Aidilfitri, a Hari Raya single by various artistes including Ning Baizura, Awi Rafael, Tiz Zaqyah and Ismail himself.

Following the results of his rigorous fitness routine, the singer said he was satisfied with the weight he gained and has more confidence when meeting people.

“I used to weigh 52kg but I’m now 68kg, my target is 70kg.

“It’s just a little harder during fasting month to follow the routine,” he added.

Ismail said his goal is to look fit and doesn’t want to be overly muscular as it would make singing and dancing on stage difficult.

The Luar Biasa singer who often shares his fitness journey on Instagram said he wants to motivate followers to stay fit.

“I was very skinny before and I didn’t feel confident when I wore T-shirts, that’s why I went to the gym to bulk up and look fitter.

“It helps with building self-confidence,” the Unicef Malaysia said.

Ismail also wants fans to know it isn’t too late to start one’s fitness journey.

“My uncle who is 40 recently started working out,” he added.

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