‘Black Panther’ star Micheal B. Jordan to join adult site to raise funds for those affected by Covid-19 pandemic (VIDEO)

Michael B Jordan said he would be using his body for good. — AFP pic
Michael B Jordan said he would be using his body for good. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — Days after being crowned the People magazine’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordon announced that he will join the subscription site OnlyFans to raise funds.

Speaking at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 33-year-old American actor said he would be using his body for good.

OnlyFans is a site that’s popular with sex workers who publish explicit, adult-only content, according to British portal Daily Mail.

Jordan had said in the show that the funds would be used to assist businesses and schools affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The topic was brought up when Kimmel commented on Jordan’s facial hair that was named Murphy by the actor. 

“I never had time to actually sit in one place and grow my facial hair where I didn’t have to get it groomed, or manicured, or anything like that,” he was quoted by the portal as saying.

“So, during quarantine, I just wanted to see how much hair I could actually grow,” Jordan said and revealed his plans to sign up with OnlyFans.

US portal Insider reported that Jordan will be joining a growing list of mainstream celebrities to have accounts on the popular adult subscription platform, including Cardi B and Bella Thorne.

OnlyFans is a subscription site that enables content creators to monetise their influence. 

The platform allows creators to upload their content behind a paywall, which can be accessed by their fans for a monthly fee and one-off tips.  

While known to be popular with sex workers, the site has grown in popularity during the coronavirus lockdown, and it’s quickly become a source of income for careers like writers, fitness trainers and chefs, among others, who upload images and videos, and interact with their fans via direct messages.

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