Popular ‘80s singer Aishah loses 31kg during MCO, says she can fit into old clothes

The pop legend before and after her amazing weight loss. — Pictures via Instagram/aishahjmm
The pop legend before and after her amazing weight loss. — Pictures via Instagram/aishahjmm

PETALING JAYA, July 28 — Popular ‘80s singer Aishah has shed a whopping 31kg in a span of two months after practicing a healthy diet and fasting.

The 55-year-old veteran singer went from a jaw-dropping 110kg to 79kg during the movement control order (MCO) and wants to lose another 10kg to achieve her ideal weight.

Harian Metro reported that the Janji Manismu singer is pleased with her amazing weight loss and her recent transformation is reminding fans of her younger self.

The pop legend, whose real name is Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin told the Malay-language publication that she still has time to lose the pounds since her MPO and Aishah: A Musical Journey concert has been postponed to next year due to Covid-19.

“At least I have time to work harder to lose weight.

“At first I was worried about being at home during the MCO period because I was just busy eating and sleeping but I stayed determined by fasting.

“I did this because I know if I’m home, I’d be eating non-stop,” she said.

By cutting out greasy food, sugar and canned drinks and opting instead for sparkling water, Aishah managed to drastically lose weight.

“I can discipline myself to do this — at my age, health care has to be taken seriously.

“Plus, I have boys, it would be a pity if they have to take care of me if I am sick so we have to take care of what we eat,” she said at the Exclusive Face Mask Extender by Aishah X Nazrai Hijabpin launch recently.

On her eating habits, Aishah confessed that she enjoys a wide variety of foods.

“I’m okay if I don’t eat rice but I eat chocolate and cake and those are dangerous.

“I eat them sometimes but in small quantities,” she added.

Fasting along with intermittent fasting, said Aishah, helped her stay healthy and keep her weight in check.

“When I started fasting, I still ate rice during breaking fast but after eating lots of salads, that has helped me forget rice,” said Aishah.

“I still eat rice but not in large quantities, three, four tablespoons and I’m full but I prefer to eat salads and fruits.”

The Sensation singer revealed that she is too busy for workouts but her regime includes sauna and cupping sessions.

The best part of her weight loss journey is being able to fit into her old clothes.

“I can fit into so many, I’ve so many old clothes which I’ve just kept.

“Some have been stored for more than 15 years but now they can be reused.

“It’s just that I still can’t wear clothes during my time with the Fan Club,” she said referring to the band which propelled her into international stardom.

In the late ‘80s, Aishah was the lead singer of the New Zealand-based band Aishah and The Fan Club, which she joined as a student.

The band produced three top-20 singles in New Zealand and Malaysian charts, even topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their 1990 hit Don’t Let Me Fall Alone.

Aishah is often credited as the first Malaysian female singer to find international success.

“Maybe at that time I haven’t had children yet so the body shape is different but I can fit into my clothes from 2010.

“In fact, I was surprised because it’s looser than before,” Aishah said.

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