PETALING JAYA, July 8 — Cosmetics company Chriszen Malaysia is suing actress Nelydia Senrose for allegedly failing to honour a brand ambassador contract she signed in 2018.

Harian Metro reported that Chriszen Malaysia’s founder and managing director Mandy Leong has asked Nelydia, 25, to cough up RM160,000 in compensation fees.

The fee would cover the funds already paid to Nelydia by Chriszen Malaysia as well as the losses incurred due to her purported breaching of their contract.

“When Nelydia agreed to our company’s contract to become an ambassador, I had already paid her RM102,000 which is roughly 70 per cent of the full amount (we promised her).

“However, she failed to fulfil her obligations when she did not carry out the promotions and publicity duties as stated in the contract.

“This includes promoting our products 15 times on her social media, attending two television promos, and attending our product launch on April 25 last year,” Leong was quoted as saying.

Leong added that she was disappointed with Nelydia’s alleged failure to honour the contract and said the actress had only participated in one photoshoot for the brand.

The case entered its first day of proceedings at the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday with Shamsuddin Abdullah as the presiding judge.

Meanwhile, Nelydia took to Instagram to defend herself and accused Chriszen Malaysia of whipping up a media firestorm around the case while it is still ongoing.

“I am disappointed with Chriszen’s action by making sensational claims to the media about an ongoing case before the court has had a chance to hear it fully and make their decision.

“For the record, I strongly deny the allegations made by Chriszen,” Nelydia wrote to her 4.4 million followers.

The trial is set to resume on July 16.