PETALING JAYA, Jan 30 — Actress Bella Astillah has confessed that she is ready to accept ex-husband and controversy-plagued Singaporean actor-singer Aliff Aziz back into her life.

This comes after months of speculation whether the former couple would reunite following a series of social media posts that hint at Bella and Aliff’s close relationship.

Bella, 25, told Berita Harian she would discuss the matter with her family before making a decision.


The Sabahan singer added that she and Aliff, 28, would make the announcement when the time is right.

“To be honest, since we separated in May last year, we have never been hostile. It’s all for our son Mohamad Ayden Adrean.

“I’ve never hated Aliff. I saw how our divorce taught Aliff a lot and made him more mature.


“I’m not trying to prove to society that he has changed. For me, if he loves and cares about our son, that’s more than enough,” she said.

Bella and Aliff were married on September 9 2016 but divorced on May 16 last year after Aliff was embroiled in a string of cheating scandals.

Bella told the Malay publication she only wants what is best for Ayden, who turns three this year.

“If patching things up with Aliff is the best decision for Ayden, I will accept it with an open heart.

“Ayden is so close to Aliff. Everytime we part ways, he would cry.

“This breaks my heart everytime we come back from visiting Aliff in Singapore,” Bella said.

When asked about a recent photograph which shows Bella’s arm wrapped around another man believed to be her ex, Bella did not deny that it was Aliff.

According to her, the picture was taken while she and her family were at Universal Studios Singapore.

“Social media users only recognise the negative. They do not see it from a positive point of view, especially for Ayden’s benefit.

“They just know how to tell me to look for another guy or someone better.

“But we don’t know how things will turn out with another man. After all, in the current situation, I just want to focus on raising my child, there’s no time to think about substitutes,” she said.