KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 — Actress Liyana Jasmay got all worked up when a fan tweeted her advising on donning the hijab right.

The 31-year-old donned what looked like an inner hijab akin to a snow cap in the telemovie Tolong Saya Encik Dinosaur.

While the fan praised the half hour premiere episode, the Twitter user using the handle of @xxxbyefelicia advised Liyana against wearing a hijab if she was not ready.

The fan slo took a potshot at the atcress saying she was the heroine of the series because she also was also the director.



Liyana appeared fired up in her response saying it was none of @xxxbyefelicia’s business on how she decides to wear her hijab. 

“Wearing hijab or not also none of your biz. It’s very personal. Ouh and btw You know nothing about fashion! #SOKAMPUNG,” she tweeted. 

Liyana’s response, however, did not go down well with internet users.

Many said they had initially wanted to watch the movie but after seeing how Liyana responded, they changed their mind. 

Responding to SisElvira, Liyana, who started donning the hijab three years ago, tweeted that she was not angry over the matter. 

“Just want to tell you kids (kids or senior citizens I am not sure) to know your place. Do not simply open your mouth without thinking,” she tweeted. 

Last April, Liyana courted controversy over her video where she used a scarf to cover her head.