PETALING JAYA, June 27 — It looks like reality TV show preacher PU Syed Bakri won’t be giving up his crusade against K-Pop anytime soon.

After making international headlines for calling boyband BTS “demons,” the preacher from Astro’s religious reality show Pencetus Ummah is now shifting his target to male group Nu’est and their plans for a Malaysian concert in September.

He captioned an Instagram picture of the five-member band with the words, “New demons just keep coming.”

“There are many promoters that are willing to sponsor programmes of sin like this,” he continued.

The post has gotten more than 200 comments so far with the majority of responses expressing support for PU Syed’s views.

“We are Muslims, we don’t need the entertainment of infidels. This is rubbish,” said az.mel__.

“The government likes finding ways to host sinful events rather than focusing on strengthening Islam. I don’t get it,” wrote haminiza.


A number of Instagram users hit back at PU Syed’s stance, echoing previous criticisms of him that said he was in no position to criticise others using harsh language.

“The Prophet never taught people to label others as ‘demons.’ Perhaps you’re 100 per cent sure of going to heaven and that’s why you think it’s okay.

“You are embarrassing Islam with such an arrogant attitude,” said

Nu’est isn’t the only K-pop act to come under recent scrutiny by PU Syed.

The controversial preacher was also quick to denounce South Korean singer Hyolyn’s upcoming gig in Malaysia, claiming that “Satan’s devils were surely rejoicing” as a result of K-pop’s popularity among Malaysian youths.