LOS ANGELES, Jan 4 — Kacey Musgraves thinks it’s “insane” how many people get tattoos of her lyrics.

The 26-year-old country singer’s CMA-nominated song Follow Your Arrow has divided opinion with its candid lyrics. It’s all about the contradictions people face in everyday life and Kacey can’t believe how many fans were touched enough by her words to have them permanently engraved on their skin.

“It’s insane the amount of tattoos this song has generated,” she marvelled to People magazine.

“People love to show me their arrow tattoos. Literally hundreds and hundreds of people!”


Kaceys’s track talks about broken marriages, body image issues and drinking, among other subjects. It included the line “roll up a joint”, which the CMA censored when she performed it.

She was always aware that her lyrics might be a bit much for some.

“We wanted to represent everyone - every arrow,” she explained.


“I knew it would be controversial, but I didn’t want that to stop me. It really summed up the song’s idea. We just said, ‘Can we say this? We’re going to say this!’”

The musician strongly believes that life’s too short to worry about what others think. She doesn’t want people to feel like they have to work hard to fit in.

“A lot of people let themselves be bowled over by other people,” she sighed.

“You don’t have to fight them, just be. Do your own thing.”

Follow Your Arrow is taken from her latest album Same Trailer Different Park, which won her a Grammy. — Cover Media