KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — Malaysia should consider ending the Covid-19 preventive measure of masking indoors in view of other countries that have done so, the Malaysian Medical Association said today.

The association said the country’s Covid-19 situation was now stable, making it appropriate for Malaysia to discontinue its last remaining standard operating procedures to contain Covid-19 infections.

“It is time that we seriously consider doing away with wearing face masks in enclosed spaces,” MMA president Dr Koh Kah Chai said in a statement.

“The only caveat being certain public transport which involves the cramming of people for a long duration of time, nursing homes, eldercare centres and healthcare facilities.”

The Health Ministry made masking outdoors optional beginning May 1 as part of the country’s transition towards Covid-19 endemicity, but kept it compulsory for indoor settings and on public transport.

It also stopped requiring MySejahtera check-ins for contact tracing and physical distancing in the country.

However, moves by countries such as Singapore to make masking optional except on public transport and high-risk settings has led to calls for Malaysia to follow suit.

On Monday, National Recovery Council chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the panel has suggested that the government consider removing the requirement to continue masking indoors but would leave the decision to the Health Ministry.

Malaysia reported 2,144 new Covid-19 cases and four deaths today.