KUANTAN, Jan 3 — Travellers using the East Coast Highway (LPT) Phase 1 were forced to turn around or postpone their journeys following the road closure at Kilometre (KM) 198.8, East and West bound, near Gambang and Sri Jaya around 8.30am today.

Retiree Mohamed Radhi Samat, 64, said he was still looking for an alternative route back to Shah Alam, Selangor after being informed of the road closure at the LPT Phase 1 (LPT1) and the old Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur road due to floods. He was part of a group of 15 relatives that went to Terengganu for a wedding during the weekend.

“We did not expect to be stranded... at first I thought there was an accident that caused the jam, but when we checked social media, many shared photos of the floods at LPT1.

“Hopefully the floods will recede later in the day because some of us have to work tomorrow. If we are left without any other option, we have to turn around and hope for the best on Monday,” he told Bernama.

Trader Hafizah Aina Halimi, 30, who wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur said she had to postpone her journey after learning of the road closure on social media.

 “I was preparing to head to Kuala Lumpur early this morning but was informed by my siblings about the flood situation... maybe when the roads reopen, I’ll head down to the capital tomorrow,” she told Bernama.

Meanwhile, LPT1 concession holder, ANIH Berhad issued a statement this morning advising road users from the East Coast returning to Kuala Lumpur to postpone their journeys after a kilometre-long section of the highway was flooded in two-metre high water.

In its newest statement however, ANIH Berhad announced that the KM198 LPT1 Gambang-Sri Jaya stretch would be reopened to all vehicles at 3.30pm with two eastbound lanes open, and only one lane westbound to Kuala Lumpur open to vehicles for now.

In addition, LPT Phase 2 (LPT2) road users are urged to plan their journeys due to the flooding in LPT1. LPT 2 Sdn Bhd business manager Roszi Ibrahim said the LPT2, between Kuala Terengganu and Jabor, was fully operational.

“Due to the fact that the LPT2 is connected to LPT1, travellers who have entered LPT2 are urged to stop at our Rest and Service (R&R) areas. Various facilities are available at these areas and there is ample parking for the public to rest before resuming their journeys after the flooding in LPT1 has receded,” he said in a statement today.

Travellers heading to Terengganu or Kelantan from the Klang Valley are urged to stop for a while at the Termerloh R&R before resuming their journey. — Bernama