KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — Three new Covid-19 clusters have emerged and since been identified by the Health Ministry in Penang, Perak, Negri Sembilan and Kedah, said Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

He said the first cluster is the Pengkalan Barat cluster, involving the Barat Daya district in Penang, as well as the districts of Kerian, Kuala Kangsar and Kinta in Perak.

“The second is the Bakti cluster, involving a prison in Seremban district, Negri Sembilan, while the third is the Bayam Indah cluster in the districts of Kulim and Kuala Muda in Kedah,” Dr Noor Hisham said in a statement.

The index case for the Pengakalan Barat cluster is the 42,002nd case on record, who tested positive during a workplace screening on November 10. As of today, 251 people have been screened, of which 19 tested positive for Covid-19.

“The Bakti cluster’s index case is the 54,624th on record, a prisoner who tested positive earlier today during a screening of entering inmates into the prison. As of today, 481 people have been screened, of which 61 tested positive for Covid-19.

“On the Bayam Indah cluster, its index case is the 53,580th case on record, who tested positive during a screening on symptomatic individuals yesterday. As of today, 70 people have been screened, of which 10 tested positive for Covid-19,” he said.

The total number of reported clusters now stands at 330. Of this number, 163 have been declared to be ended, including the Kasih cluster, Baiduri cluster, Long cluster, and Bestari cluster today.

The remaining number of active clusters is 167, of which 54 have reported an increase in Covid-19 infections. The highest number of cases is the Teratai cluster with 504, followed by the Tembok cluster with 42, and the Kaya cluster with 20.