KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — Six Malaysians died from the Covid-19 virus today even though the total number of new infections dipped to 354 from yesterday’s 357 cases.

The new deaths raises Malaysia’s fatality tally to 152.

Three of the deceased were men and the other three women. All were aged above 50 and died in Sabah, the Ministry of Health announced today.

Of today’s 354 new cases, only two were imported. The rest were local transmissions.

“Sabah reported 274 cases, Selangor reported 10 cases and Kedah plummeted to 10 cases,” Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said in his daily briefing on Covid-19 infections in the country.

Dr Noor Hisham said 68 patients are in intensive care, with 25 requiring breathing assistance.

A total of 188 patients recovered today, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 10,707 cases.

Currently, there are 3,863 active cases, of which 160 are new cases from today.

This puts Malaysia’s total Covid-19 cases to date at 14,722.

Breakdown of cases according to states

Of Sabah’s 274 new cases today, 124 cases originated from one Covid-19 patient, the Health Ministry said.

The other cases were also from several clusters that had formed in the north Borneo state: 22 cases were from the Ramai Ramai Cluster while 13 cases were from the Benteng LD Cluster.

Five cases were from the Tujuh Serangkai Cluster; four other cases from the Laut Cluster; two cases were from the Tanamera Cluster and one each from the Bangau-Bangau Cluster and Pulau Cluster.

Sabah also recorded one case from a new cluster called the Atap Cluster.

The remaining 105 cases in the state were detected from Covid-19 screenings.

Selangor recorded 24 cases in total today. One patient spawned 17 other cases.

Three other cases in Malaysia’s most developed state were returnees from Sabah.

The Benteng PK Cluster and Jalan Meru Cluster have one new case each.

The remaining two cases in Selangor were detected from Covid-19 screenings.

Kedah registered a drop today to just 10 cases.

Sarawak also recorded 10 cases today; returnees from Sabah accounted for seven cases. Two more were from screenings and the last was detected through close contact tracing of an infected patient.

Kuala Lumpur recorded eight cases today. Five were returnees from Sabah; three were from the Bah Puchong Cluster; one from close contact tracing of an infected patient; and the last was found from a screening.

Penang also recorded eight cases today. Seven were from the Penjara Reman Cluster. The eighth case was a returnee from Sabah.

Johor recorded five cases. Four were found through close contact tracing of a Covid-19 patient and one was from a Sabah returnee.

Terengganu also recorded five cases; three were from the new Bah Sahabat Cluster; two were Sabah returnees. The last case was from close contact tracing of a Covid-19 patient.

Negri Sembilan recorded four cases today

Putrajaya saw two cases from the Selasih Cluster.

Labuan and Perak each had one case today. Perak’s was from the new Bah Lada cluster.