KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — Pasir Puteh MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Nik Salleh has said today that there is no need for him to apologise for saying that Bible has been corrupted or manipulated.

In report by Malaysiakini, Nik Zawawi also said that Christians should not be offended, claiming his statement was “a fact”.

“They have no right to be offended. What I said was not an accusation, but a fact,” he was quoted saying.

“There is no need to apologise. Why should I? I don’t want to comment, what I said is right. Why should I apologise?”

Earlier today, the Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) demanded for Nik Zawawi to retract his remarks in Parliament and urged him to tender a public apology to all Christians.

Nik Zawawi had instead said that he is willing to hold a “dialogue” over the matter.

The PAS MP made the remark when debating the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill 2020 to propose heavier fines for drink driving offenders on August 26.

Despite being corrected by DAP’s Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, the PAS lawmaker insisted that he was correct and that he made the remarks based on his study religion comparison.

Nik Zawawi had accused Ngeh for referring to a Bible that was already distorted when referring to alcohol consumption in Christianity.

Earlier this week, church leaders explained that Christianity does not forbid liquor but only condemns intoxication and debauchery.