PAS former deputy president hit with 33 charges related to RM4m

Former PAS deputy president Datuk Nasharudin Mat Isa (centre) arrives at the Sessions Court in Shah Alam October 22, 2019. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa
Former PAS deputy president Datuk Nasharudin Mat Isa (centre) arrives at the Sessions Court in Shah Alam October 22, 2019. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

SHAH ALAM, Oct 22 ― Former PAS deputy president Datuk Nasharudin Mat Isa is facing three charges under the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and 30 criminal breach of trust charges under the Penal Code at the Sessions Court here today.

Under the AMLA, the 57-year-old is accused of involvement with indirect money laundering of RM302,069.60.

Under the Penal Code, he was charged with criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving the Nassar Foundation (Yayasan Nassar) where he is the chairman and the now defunct Global Movement of Moderates Foundation (GMMF) where he was the chief executive officer, amounting to RM3,721,683.80.

The combined sum for the charges being heard before Justice Rozilah Salleh is RM4,023,753.40.

The first charge under AMLA sees Nasharudin being charged for indirect money laundering involving RM25,500 where he was accused of depositing the sum to a Maybank account owned by SMR Performance Sdn Bhd via a cheque issued by his personally owned company Wasatiyah Centre for Peace Sdn Bhd (Wasatiyah).

The money was allocated to GMMF through the Finance Ministry.

The second charge involves RM76,569.60 for indirect money laundering. He was accused of depositing the sum, through his company Wasatiyah into the Hong Leong Bank account of Sisma Auto (KL) Sdn Bhd. The money was allocated to GMMF by the Finance Ministry.

In the third AMLA charge, Nasharudin is accused of indirect money laundering involving RM200,000 by diverting the sum the Finance Ministry allocated to GMMF in a cheque from Wasatiyah to a CIMB Islamic Bank account owned by Duadaya Interior Sdn Bhd.

Some of the CBT charges revolves around Nasharudin’s use of RM51,000 of Yayasan Nassar money to pay Amril Khaidir for catering services during his son's wedding. The son’s name was not listed in the chargesheet.

He is also accused of using RM25,756 of the foundation's money to pay his son Ammar’s college fees at KDU College University Sdn Bhd and a RM34,000 loan to his daughter Nusaibah.

“That you, on July 30, 2018 at Maybank Menara Felda Platinum Park, 11 Persiaran KLCC, as an agent of GMMF in your capacity as its chief executive entrusted with the authority over GMMF properties have conducted a criminal breach of trust by fraudulently awarding RM1 million to Wasatiyah Centre for Peace Sdn Bhd as a research grant,” the chargesheet read.

He was also charged with utilising RM1 million and RM600,000 of GMMF's research grants to Wasatiyah in two other separate occasions.

In total, Rozilah set a RM330,000 bail for both cases with one surety and ordered Nasharudin to surrender his passport to the court.

Earlier Deputy Public Prosecutor Allan Suman Pilai had requested RM500,000 bail for Nasharudin’s corruption charges while another DPP Mohd Zaki Mohd Salleh who is handling the CBT case requested a separate bail amount at RM1 million.

Defence counsel Md Yunos Shariff pleaded for a lower amount, saying his client could not afford such high bail as nearly all his personal bank accounts, company accounts and foundation accounts have been frozen in the course of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission's (MACC) investigation.

Md Yunos told the court his client only has access to his pension account. Coupled with his wife's pension, their monthly income has been reduced to less than RM8,000 a month.

The lawyer added that Nasharudin has also offered to report to MACC headquarters in Putrajaya on a monthly basis.

However, Rozilah did not rule that Nasharudin is required to present himself there. She also said that the date to surrender the documents will be set on November 28.

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