KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 — The police said today it will investigate those present during a protest at the Nigerian High Commission claiming the latter’s negligence towards fellow countrymen, which took place at the diplomatic office here yesterday afternoon.  

Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Lazim confirmed the 11.50am incident which saw the participation of about 20, adding that it was organised by a group called Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Malaysia.

Mazlan, through a statement today, explained the gathering was held with protestors claiming the Nigerian High Commission had neglected the welfare of its citizens here in Malaysia, following the death of Limkokwing PhD student Thomas Orhions Ewansiha.

Mazlan said the police were alerted to the situation after it turned hostile when protestors were not allowed into the premises of the high commission, triggering a commotion at the entrance of the diplomatic office.

He added that employees of the high commission had notified the police, requesting for assistance following the tussle with protestors.

“However, the protestors dispersed after being instructed to do so by the police.

“Throughout the protest, no individuals were injured and no properties were damaged,” he said.

Mazlan said police would be investigating the case under Section 9(5) of the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) 2012, an article of the Act that requires organisers of a gathering to notify and obtain clearance from the police prior to the event.

The offence carries with a RM10,000 fine upon conviction.

Thomas, 33, was a student of Limkokwing University who died in custody of the Immigration Department after he was detained during a July 4 raid in Desa Aman Puri.

The Immigration Department said earlier today that Thomas, who had confirmed he was not suffering from any illnesses and was given medical attention for an old wound upon capture, was declared dead following a seizure in his sleep during detention.

Limkokwing had later also confirmed his enrolment, with the university suspending all classes today in memory of Thomas’ passing.

Mazlan today said patrols around the Nigerian High Commission will be increased to make sure peace is maintained in the area while advising the general Nigerian population living here to adhere to local laws and regulations.

“We advise against acting out on your own or stirring up any commotions as the police will not hesitate to take stern action according to the provisions of the law to maintain peace and prosperity of Kuala Lumpur,” his statement read.