Perak MB says exco Paul Yong may be ‘advised to go on leave’ if rape probe takes too long

Yong was accused of rape by his Indonesian helper. ― Picture by Farhan Najib
Yong was accused of rape by his Indonesian helper. ― Picture by Farhan Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — Accused of rape, Perak executive councillor Paul Yong may be “advised to go on leave” if police investigation is prolonged, Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu said today.

The Perak mentri besar said that there was no need to suspend Yong from his state duties at the moment as the investigation is ongoing and there has been no charge as yet.

“He has not been charged and it is only a police report and investigation being carried out.

“When there is a need to suspend someone, it needs to be taken into account if his position may be used to obstruct the justice process,” Ahmad Faizal who is also Tambun MP told reporters in Parliament.

He said Yong can continue his state duties for the time being.

“But if the investigation does prolong over a long period of time, then maybe he would be advised to go on leave,” Ahmad Faizal added.

When asked the duration of the probe that would determine Yong’s leave, Ahmad Faizal was unable to give a time frame.

Ahmad Faizal said Yong’s duties would also be limited as the state government does not want the latter to get in the way of the investigation process.

The Tambun MP said state executive councillor meetings involving the Tronoh assemblyman will also be postponed.

“He is still an exco now and can come to the office. But I have postponed important meetings,” he said.

Earlier today, the swearing-in ceremony for Perak executive council members that was set to take place at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar was called off.

Ahmad Faizal said he was unsure when the replacement date for the swearing-in would be decided.

“The swearing-in was postponed because there is an investigation against one of my exco it is not suitable for the ceremony to continue as the exco was also supposed to take part,” said Ahmad Faizal, in reference to Yong.

Yesterday, Yong had acknowledged that he is the Perak official accused of raping his Indonesian helper, but rejected the allegation as false and baseless.

The State Local Government, Public Transport, Non-Muslim Affairs and New Villages Committee chairman was arrested on Tuesday after news of the allegation surfaced following a police report lodged by the domestic worker on Monday.

Yong allegedly raped the Indonesian woman at his house in Meru, Perak.

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