ISKANDAR PUTERI, June 26 — The case involving a secondary school teacher in Johor Bahru who was alleged to have caned a female student has showed signs of finding a solution when all parties involved agreed to discuss the issue.

State Education, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Aminolhuda Hassan said the meeting would be held at the school tomorrow and would also involve the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

He said the meeting sought a ‘win-win’ solution between the parties involved, without involving the law.

In addition, it was also to avoid the situation from worsening among parents as well as teachers, he said.


“We know that teachers have a role to educate, it was just the action taken was a bit much… I have not yet seen any evidence, only a report. Secondly, the student may have uttered something which may have caused the teacher to take such action.

“So for me, to address this issue, we, as adults as well as fathers and teachers, have to act in more professional manner, wiser, not only for our children but also for the future of the community itself,” he said in press conference in conjunction with the presentation of offer letter to the recipients of the National Dual Training Scheme (SLDN) here today.

He said this in response to the issue of a secondary school teacher who was accused to have caned a female student repeatedly that left red marks on the student’s arms and thighs.


Meanwhile, Johor Police chief Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said investigations on a report lodged by the girl’s mother claiming that her daughter was caned by her teacher, was ongoing.

“Police report have been made, we are investigating the case under Section 324 of the Penal Code. However, the girl’s mother decided to withdraw the report, maybe she had a discussion after lodging the report,” he said in a separate media conference.

A two-minute and twenty-eight second video that showed a woman, believed to be the girl’s mother, questioning the male teacher for allegedly caning her daughter on the arm and thighs, went viral on social media recently and the photo of the girl’s injuries have also gone viral. — Bernama